As of April 1st, we will no longer offer stand-alone nail trims. Please pair your pet's nail trim appointment along with our other services. We will also be closed on Saturdays.

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About Us

Our Hospital Mission

Since 2002, Big Thompson Animal Hospital has been dedicated to providing skilled, comprehensive veterinary care to the dogs and cats of families in Loveland and surrounding communities. We’ve built our reputation on offering a wide range of medical services as well as being friendly and accessible. Got a question? Just call. Don’t know whether you should see the vet or wait it out? Reach out to us and we’ll let you know.

We also have a strong commitment to honest communication about proposed costs, treatments, and diagnoses. While your pet is part of the family, we understand that each family has specific needs and parameters. We will always do our best to work within those while making sure your pet gets the care he or she needs.

Dr. Wiltz, Dr. Barrett,and the rest of the Big Thompson Animal Hospital team combine experience and compassion with the latest technology to make sure your animal companion gets the highest level of care. Our focus is always on preventative medicine and education so you can make the best, most informed decisions for your pet. 

You have a strong bond with your animal companion, and we hope you will see us as a trusted partner in your pet’s health care and well-being.

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